L’Oreal Pure Clay Facial Mask

As we all know Loreal paris is one of best and trusted brand. They have recently come up with Pure clay facial masks. They selected three pure clays and combine them with red algae extract , known for its brightening properties. Thoese three maks are : L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask L'Oreal Paris Pure … Continue reading L’Oreal Pure Clay Facial Mask



Hello my gorgeous readers, hope this summer you are taking really good care of ur skin. If not then worry not , I have tried couple of v famous most hyped skin care products for your daily routine, and you can trust the review as it takes lots of effort , energy and time to … Continue reading FREEMAN’S CHARCOAL & BLACK SUGAR POLISHING MASK


MASCARA - Great Lash by Maybelline Newyork It's long time favourite so thought a post is Must for this beauty  'great lash Maybelline Newyork '. Lets talk about mascara for daily use which does wonders & why iLove it more than anyother mascara. iLove packaging it's really cute & make it recognizable from far 🙂 … Continue reading MASCARA – GREAT LASH MAYBELLINE NEWYORK

Healthy Bites 

My friend introduced me to this delicious healthy bars from @fitlicious_pk few days ago and iloved it and finally i decided to buy this from Agha's . It's yummy and v healthy perfect for snacking ,tastes heavenly too. . What ididnt like was it wasn't as crispy fresh as one my friend gave me as she … Continue reading Healthy Bites 

Favourite Shoe Brand – Locally

well almost everyone prefer high end brands so do I may be because locally very few brands offer quality stuff with reasonable price . However I recently discovered a amazing brand from Lahore and believe me I am impressed beyond my words. Almas it is ! They have variety of amazing designs which are most … Continue reading Favourite Shoe Brand – Locally