MASCARA – Great Lash by Maybelline Newyork

It’s long time favourite so thought a post is Must for this beauty  ‘great lash Maybelline Newyork ‘.
Lets talk about mascara for daily use which does wonders & why iLove it more than anyother mascara.

iLove packaging it’s really cute & make it recognizable from far 🙂 and it comes in a reasonable size which u can carry easily in your daily makeup pouch, ( i keep this in my pouch everyday ) !!

It seperates your each lash perfectly and gives it all natural and dramatic look. You can use it once or if you want more volume you can repeat it two to three times to get more fuller and beautiful lashes , it all depends on you.

Best thing about it is , it’s pocket friendly and it’s very light on your lashes.
Easily available anywhere locally in karachi for Rs.450 only.

Only thing which it is lacking is it’s not Waterproof !!

Ps. This is only mascara i use and i am using since years and i don’t think i will ever change to any other for my daily use.

Much love !



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